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I found sexfortv this site a few months ago and often wonder what a woman wants to have sex with another person when he says he loves her husband. I have always been with my husband, and often wondered what would have sex with another man, but never consider it. We agreed on a weekend in Nottingham for us and the two children. We had a family room with the girls were so into two single beds in the room with us. We had a lovely day exploring the city and a very good meal in a restaurant, a couple of drinks at the bar, and then it sexfortv was time to go for the girls to bed. My husband said he would take her to bed and be with me in the bar when they were asleep. I sat at a table in the bar and put the bottle of wine he had ordered a drink. I love watching people and has come from the different people coming and going from the hotel bar and intriqued. I wondered if the couple was sitting at the table next door or were they sexfortv havi marieng an adventure. Or was the man who sat on his own in a business trip or just visiting, as we do. I sat and watched people for about 10 minutes when I suddenly realized that the man sitting next to me on its own stand. He asked if I would like some company and he said he would be fine. was my age, 35 years old, quite tall, good looking robust. Not a tomboy, but very masculine, tanned face. said he had seen, watching the people in the bar and found fun as they jump from one to another. I think I blushed as he had been caught he realized, but he just laughed and thought it was a very nice person. He was married and industry to participate in a conference to get a contract for his company. sexfortv We talked for about 20 minutes and I was very attracted to him. I must say I wanted to love my husband very much and that another sexfortv man had never done before, but I was wondering, how would you feel your weight on me as I fucked hard. II was very turned on and my neck was starting to glow red, as always, sexfortv when he was aroused. He must have recognized the signs, as the conversation turned to sex. We have spoken frankly about our partners and what they like and suddenly I decided it would be this man 's cock inside me. I asked what her room looked, and said he would like to see. I got up and walked to the elevator, and they stood in silence while riding on the top floor. I followed him down the hall to her room and opened the door, opened it for me and I sexfortv closed the door immediately went and grabbed and kissed paassionately, hands groping every inch of the body of another. We stayed in bed and took his hand between my legs. I opened my permit, and pulled my pants on one side and put two fingers directly at me. I was very, very wet, and I could not remember the last time I was so desperate for keep a man 's cock inside me. I opened his pants and took his cock very hard and the foreskin back. At the end was very wet when I was very excited, and pulled her to me, his tail pulled hard, forcing him to me. It came when he kicked me, and I felt the waves of orgasm sexfortv swept through my body and the right toes. That's when I know I have a very deep cum. He put his hard cock in and out of me and I came in 30 seconds. he not take years and when he got faster and faster, I felt another orgasm hit me again. I think I yelled so loud in ecstasy, but this time wanted more. His body was tense sexfortv and rigid starting suddenly moaning very strong in my ears and took the meat in the ass very hard. I felt his cock shot several times as his hot cum inside me. This was too much for me and came back as hard as I did before, and the love of God again. broke the mey both sexfortv lay exhausted in bed for several minutes before I suddenly realized I wanted to lose, if not returned to the bar. it away from me, my clothing and left the room. When I got the husband sexfortv of the bar was not there so I sat down again and put the wine before I had to drink. I could not have gone more than 10 minutes, but at that time I had four orgasms. I could feel his cum soaking my pants and bent down and felt it. I was soaked with her, and had spread over the top of the legs and the back of my dress. At that time my husband came and sat me on the table after ordering a drink. I was not sure if I tell my meeting, but decided it would be better if I do not. We had great sex that night, and realized that a little more if we wanted hot again.
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